Professional UAV Aerial Mapping

Section 333 Exemption
On February 22, 2016, GPS-Tech, Inc acquired the Section 333 Exemption from the FAA to provide Commercial Aerial Mapping UAV Services.  GPS-Tech offers Professional UAV Aerial Mapping Services covering Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Western Maryland. A copy of our "Exemption" is available for pdf download at the bottom of this page.

Passed the FAA/UAV  Remote Pilot Exam on September 2, 2016

GPS-Tech, Inc., is fully insured carrying (1) Commercial General, (2) Commercial Automobile, (3) Design Professional Errors & Omissions and (4) Commercial UAV/Drone Liability Insurance.  GPS-Tech has the field and office experience to provide you with a professional mapping product.

All aerial mapping shall be completed utilizing the following listed "UAV". 
SenseFly eBee Mini Drone System
    FAA Registration/License Number N3270K

Frank Masney Jr., President of GPS-Tech, Inc is a registered/licensed surveyor in the above noted states therefore satisfying the required licensed surveyor requirement to conduct aerial mapping services.  

Successful UAV aerial mapping flights require a broad range of surveying knowledge and training in addition to the required needed credentials.  GPS-Tech is ahead of the curve and plans to be a key player in the UAV business.  GPS-Tech also has years of experience utilizing a multitude of cad and other office mapping software suites producing accurate, complex end-product-maps.

Call for a quote, GPS-Tech is a one-stop-shop.  Initial planning, survey ground control, aerial flight and complex data processing utilizing a multitude of softwares including "Cloud Based Mapping Techniques" assures your mapping will be accurate and complete.

Sufficient established survey ground control is essential to provide an accurate end-product map.  Give us a call today, you will not be disappointed.

We come on site fully prepared with all the necessary GPS/RTK field survey equipment along with a professional grade UAV Aerial mapping system.  We complete the job beginning to end, survey photo/mapping control, aerial UAV flight, office data processing providing each client with a  professional mapping product.  Download the example pdf file showing the compiled contours overlaid on the ortho photo.......  Zoom in and out, move around the pdf and look at the level of detail along highwall.....  I can also make smooth contours if that is your requirement.  The attached provides a very good map
to calculate volumes.
Frank Masney Jr.,
Sep 14, 2016, 8:07 AM